General Site Information
Site ID:US-Ha1
Site Name:Harvard Forest EMS Tower (HFR1)
Tower Team: PI: J. William Munger <> - Harvard University
BADMContact: Tim Whitby <> - Harvard University
Elevation (m):340
NetworkAmeriFlux, LTER, Phenocam
IGBP:DBF (Deciduous Broadleaf Forests: Lands dominated by woody vegetation with a percent cover >60% and height exceeding 2 meters. Consists of broadleaf tree communities with an annual cycle of leaf-on and leaf-off periods.)
Mean Annual Temperature (degrees C):6.62
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm):1071
Data Products: FLUXNET2015 Dataset
FLUXNET LaThuile Dataset
Data Availability: FLUXNET2015:   22 years (Duration: 1991 - 2012)
FLUXNET LaThuile:   16 years (Duration: 1991 - 2006)
Data Downloads to Date: FLUXNET2015:   2890 unique downloads
FLUXNET LaThuile:   310 unique downloads
Data DOIs: FLUXNET2015 DOI: 10.18140/FLX/1440071
Description:The Harvard Forest tower is on land owned by Harvard University. The site is designated as an LTER site. Most of the surrounding area was cleared for agrigulture during European settlement in 1600-1700. The site has been regrowing since before 1900 (based on tree ring chronologies) and is now predominantly red oak and red maple, with patches of mature hemlock stand and individual white pine. Overstory trees were uprooted by hurricane in 1938. Climate measurements have been made at Harvard Forest since 1964.
Acknowledgments:Operation of the US-Ha1 site is supported by the AmeriFlux Management Project with funding by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231, and additionally is a part of the Harvard Forest LTER site supported by the National Science Foundation (DEB-1832210).
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