General Site Information
Site ID:AU-Ade
Site Name:Adelaide River
Tower Team: PI: Jason Beringer <> - University of Western Australia
PI: Lindsay Hutley <> - Charles Darwin University
Elevation (m):None
IGBP:WSA (Woody Savannas: Lands with herbaceous and other understory systems, and with forest canopy cover between 30-60%. The forest cover height exceeds 2 meters.)
Data Products: FLUXNET2015 Dataset
Data Availability: FLUXNET2015:   3 years (Duration: 2007 - 2009)
Data Downloads to Date: FLUXNET2015:   2529 unique downloads
Data DOIs: FLUXNET2015 DOI: 10.18140/FLX/1440193
Site image(s): No images.

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